Deer Hunter 2016 – Cheats, Tips and Strategy Guide

Deer Hunter 2016 is the latest sequel of the long-running hunting franchise for the Android and iOS platforms by Glu Games Inc. This latest episode continues with all the awesome old school vibe of the long running franchise, joined with much more weapons, better graphics and smoother gameplay and creatures to kill.

As with before, you occasionally have to shoot an animal in a variety of body parts to be able to complete the assignment, such as heart, lungs, or the head. Leave it on should you’ve got to (generally for the heart) but for something huge like the lungs, shut it off ASAP when you’re finished.

Oftentimes to be able to improve your weapons enough to go on to another phase you’ll need to fill up on your own hunter dollars. Then return to a degree which you have defeated, rather the last one as it’ll in most cases give you the best cash benefit in the event you do. Play over and over as frequently as you need to to be able to get the money you need for the improvements that are mandatory, then move onto the following level you can.

Otherwise, in the event that you get stuck on a degree, fortunately there are side quests which got nothing related to the primary assignments, and many distinct amount departments you could play. Go to these amounts to increase your hunter dollars as well as your ability.


Defeat literally as soon as possible, in order you can move onto the following grade and get the firearms that are necessary. Make an effort to save some cash up ahead so you could have a little extra for a better next-grade weapon, or at least for two or an upgrade after you get the weapon itself.

Gold is the premium money of the game. As always, in the event you do not need to spend the cash to buy any, you are able to visit the IAP shop to bring in some free hunter dollars. To get this done, visit the complimentary portion of the IAP shop menu and you’ll have an alternative to either view videos in exchange or whole offers for gold that is free.

You can hunt everything from bears and wolves, although a variety of creatures, not merely deer to geese and ducks, all from the comfort of wherever you happen to get iPad or your iPhone in the time.

Specialization shots are very hard to pull off, but they could be quite simple in the event you do them right. As you may use it to see through any creature infrared eyesight will help. Afterward delegate out of fire and it.

Updating your range makes it MUCH less difficult to get alternative specialization shot or a heart shot, because you are able to zoom in more for a closer look. It is simplest to make a heart shot from the from the rear or back of the creature -side.

On some points where you are warned your weapon is not strong enough, you can triumph pretty readily. You will kill them in one shot although in the event you train incorrect it’s going to take greater than one shot should you train right. Other times, you may use the shotgun to produce the shot rather than the rifle (moreso using a lung shot than with a heart shot).

Other times, still, you may need to bring in some cash first. A good method to bring in Hunter Dollars would be to play with the Prize Hunt over and over, even in the event that you understand your firearm isn’t weak enough to overcome on it. Only neglecting the period will bring in you 200-300 dollars apiece, which can then readily be set to better rifles and better upgrades.

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Choose the right kind of weapon for your assignments. The assault rifle is perfect for assignments where you must kill a whole stampede of creatures. If you can not manage an assault rifle, the shotgun is great for this. Pistols are greatest for little creatures that run quickly. Shotguns are perfect for large creatures where you do not have to hit a particular target.

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Hopeless Caverns Guide

Hopeless Caverns is a fresh semi-never-ending sliding game for the Android and iOS platforms. Read on for some tips as well as tricks for Hopeless Caverns!

The more that you pat on the display, the higher that your stone bound. It is going to leap for an extremely brief amount of time should you pat on the display. But should you press it hard and hold your finger back on the display, then you definitely will do a a lot more extreme hop for a longer space.


One of doing a short hop of the small bonuses is you could pat when you are in midair to do a double hop. This really is particularly helpful if you are in spaces, with spikes on brief series, that you must do an occupation that is very dexterous to do compared to the large passageways.

Each time that you just select to jump instead of finishing the round, your score will not reset.

Each time the skip button is hit, an ad video plays. Nevertheless, there are times when when you’re offline, you may prefer to play. If so, you can hit the skip button and no advertising videos will pop up. You are going to bypass the period as you did.

Your score is restricted, though, by what your score was in the preceding caverns that you jumped. It is suggested that you start all over again at the initial cavern, in case you would like a high score.